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Class: Natural Dyeing

Early autumn is the perfect natural dye season.  This is a full day class that will take you through the entire process of prepping, mordanting, and dyeing with 3 or 4 different natural dyes with alum as the mordant. This is a small class taught at my home studio of no more than 4 people.  Plenty of individual attention. Bring your skeins already washed, tied with figure-eights in at least 6 places, and labelled with your name on a tag on every skein.  Any fabric should be prewashed and labelled with your name.  You get the best colors on wool, alpaca and superwash wool.  Likely dyes [final list to be decided later]:  goldenrod, walnut, woad or indigo, brazilwood or cochineal.   We'll do 2 pots in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.  Always a lot of fun.

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