Purchases & Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase one of your original paintings?

Do you do commissions?

Yes!  Please contact me and we will arrange for invoicing/payment and delivery method.  



Yes! This is how I work:

  • First we talk about what you want, the size, colors, etc.
    • Sizes:  10 x 14 inches [unframed],   18 x 24 inches [unframed]
    • Colors:  Feel free to go to my portfolio [link above] and tell me which ones you like best and why.  That helps me find the right approach for your project.[ It's fine if you don't have a strong preference for specific colors. That makes things a bit easier for me.]
    • Prices for commissions do not include framing.  This way you are completely free to choose exactly the treatment you want for the art in your space. 
  • Then I work up a drawing and swatch card [if necessary] and final cost, including delivery or framing [if necessary].
  • If you like it, we settle on a completion date.
  • You send me a 50% down, non-refundable deposit. Once the deposit has been sent, you cannot request changes to the final piece or timeline. 
  • I send you pics of the finished piece. You have 3 days to approve.
  • You pay the remainder.
  • We make shipping/delivery arrangements and I ship.

Important: I retain ALL copyright privileges. You may not make copies of the piece for any reason without my express, written consent. I may make and sell prints of the piece. [It's how I make my living.] If you want sole use of the image, we will figure that into the cost.

How do you feel about us re-framing one of your originals?

Once you have purchased a piece of art, you should frame it in a way that complements both the art and your space. 

I choose simple black frames because they suit me. You should choose a frame that suits you. 

Be mindful of the type of backing, mat and glazing you choose

I do not re-frame for you, but I'm happy to talk to you about my experiences with local framers.

I've seen other artists do their prints on watercolor paper? Do you?

Good question! I do not. 

There is no doubt that a giclee print on watercolor paper is a glorious thing to behold. I have some myself. I have heard artists say they are so good, they look original. That's a bit troubling for me.

I want the collectors of my originals to have no doubt at all that what they have is genuine. So, I decided to have my giclee prints done on archival quality photo paper. The colors are bright and beautiful, but they do not match exactly. There is no question about what is original and what is a print.

I do sign my prints in ink on the front near where the signature is on the original.