My Best Life Now

Weekend Retreat

October 12-14, 2018

Bloomfield, Indiana


Registration Closes August 31st! 


You are going to LOVE what
WE have planned for YOU!


Do you crave more creativity in your life?  More balance?  More 'Yes!'?  A lot of us do! Now, imagine yourself spending a weekend in a luxurious space with a group of supportive women who are all looking to move forward on their journey to living their Best Life Now. 

You will be immersed in an experience carefully designed to support big shifts in how you think about what is possible in your life.  By the end of the retreat, you will have a clear idea of what your Best Life looks & feels like, strategies for making it a reality, and a support system to help you live your Best Life Now.

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This retreat is for all women who want to move forward on the journey to living their best lives now.   


Robin Edmundson is an award winning artist and blogger who has been teaching creativity since 2003. Her professional and artistic path has been full of twists and turns so she has a lot of experience blazing new trails. She's excited to help you get started on your journey to a happier and more creative self.

Amy Kimmel is a Women's Empowerment Mentor, Certified Intuitive Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher, focusing on discovering the magic we all have inside that allows us to live our soul purpose. Her loving, no-nonsense approach will help you fully tap into your power so that you can learn to shine your brightest inner light and live your best life.

Please bring:

  • A positive attitude & open heart. 
  • An idea of what your Best Life might look like.
  • Comfortable clothes for yoga and sitting.
  • Swimsuit, tennis clothes & equipment, walking shoes if you'd like to do any of those activities.
  • Water bottle.   

Special diet?  No problem!  You'll have a chance to give us the details when you register.  

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Embrace your present life
Unleash your Inner Power
Dream big
Visualize your Best Life
Organize your ideas
Identify your struggles
Make it
Gather your Support
Celebrate the journey

Highlights of the retreat include: 

  • Mini-workshops: spirit dolls, affirmations, dream boards, creative journalling.
  • Optional creative activities: watercolor for relaxation, exploring essential oils, dancing, personal ceremonies and rituals for creativity, spirit names/totems.  [All activities included in the ticket.]
  • Great food and sisterhood. [All meals included]
  • Meditation, yoga, reiki.
  • Luxury accommodations: fireplaces, heated outdoor pool, lake with kayaks, tennis courts, walking paths, etc.
  • Retreat tickets and accommodations priced and listed separately.


Registration Ends August 31!

Retreat Tickets:  $250

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When & Where

Retreat hours: 

  • Friday 3pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 9am - 10pm
  • Sunday 9am - noon



We will be staying at an estate just north of Bloomfield, Indiana.  We get this whole place [33 acres] to ourselves for the weekend!  Staying at the house gives you unlimited access to the lake, kayaks, pool, tennis courts, walking paths, fireplaces and companionship of other retreat participants. Overnight guests may stay up as late as they want to take advantage of all that this luxurious venue has to offer.  Even better - our experience is that some of the best Aha! moments come after hours when people are relaxed, getting to know each other and really talking. 

There are two private rooms [queen bed] with private bath.  There are two rooms with several beds and a shared bath. 

Room rates are for the entire retreat [both nights].

Details at the link below.   


Room rates begin at $150