The Studio & Property

My studio is located on forty rugged acres in Greene County, southern Indiana, not far from where the glacial plain ends at the White River and the hills begin.   There is little traffic on our gravel road.  You can hear the songbirds, the frogs, the bees, turkeys, owls and hawks.   We are not far from the newly restored Goose Pond wildlife refuge and in the spring and fall we see thousands of migrating birds.  Visitors to our place are greeted by the ducks and dog... and sometimes the chickens and cats, too.   While you're here, you're welcome to stroll through the raised bed vegetable garden, the berry garden and several flower/herb gardens near the house and studio.    You can wave at the beehives back in the blackberry patch.  We are surrounded by woods and are regularly visited by all kinds of wildlife.   We have many paths and two spectacular creeks you are welcome to walk.  Bring sturdy shoes or boots and you can wade right in.