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In southern Indiana, winters are a wide variety of colors - from rusty oak browns to icy blues.  Even the clouds are blue and brown. There's always a hint of smoke in the air since many of us heat our homes with wood.  Winter days can be quiet and still - or noisy when flocks of geese and cranes go over.  And some days the wind tries to rip the branches from the trees.  Our winters are never dull.



Our springs are spectacular and varied.  Things start quietly, with a rush of water and a gentle greening.  Then things burst into bloom, and leaf, and a riot of color and action.



Summers here start off mild and quickly pick up steam.   Our summers are lush, promiscuous affairs full of profusion and confusion.   The fields, the gardens and the roadsides are overflowing with growth and color.  The day are long - it doesn't get dark until 10pm - which is a good thing, because there are long lists of things to do during this time of the year.



Our autumn colors are spectacular and the season lasts a long time with a widely varying display.   First, the woods turn orange, the skies more blue.  The fields turn brilliant gold-then ochre.  Finally, the leaves fade to russet and sienna. Our late fall palette is slate blue, rust and olive.  On dark and rainy days, the tree trunks go dark and the leaves glow with luminous color.