Robin's Studio

The studio is located on forty acres of in Greene County, Indiana - between Solsberry and Newark. The cats, dog and ducks will greet you when you come.  The studio is in the little building behind the house.  Come on up. 

It's quiet and unruly here.  The gardens grow, the bees hum, the ducks laugh, the creeks flow.  While you're here, you're welcome to walk the creeks and paths in the woods.  Bring sturdy shoes for the hills, or boots for the creeks.  My favorite walks are along the road, either direction. Also, along the creeks - they're shallow and pretty easy to walk, but there may be a fallen tree to climb over.  There are also wild roses and brambles.  If you come in June or July, you can pick all the wild black raspberries and blackberries you can find.  [Wait until they're really dark!]