Apr 23

Class: Color Exploration Experience

  • MoonTree Studios

MoonTree Studios.   The Center at Donaldson.  Plymouth, Indiana.  

Weekend long workshop/class on color theory for any art medium.   Half day formal class on color, then two and a half days of independent exploration with me as your facilitator.  This is an excellent opportunity to explore color in a relaxed setting with expert help close by.  For more information and to register, go to:  MoonTree Studios Events

1:00 pm13:00

Class: Color Harmonies

This is my favorite class to teach!   We start with a bit of formal color theory and then explore several different types of color harmonies using color wheels and other tools.  This is a small class [only four participants] so you'll get a lot of individual attention.  Includes a project consultation for each person.  Bring a project you have color questions about and we'll discuss it in depth and give you some workable options to get you back on track. 

9:00 am09:00

Class: Dyeing Cotton Yarns

This is a full day class that will take you through the entire process of prepping, hand-painting, batching and rinsing cotton and cellulose [plant] yarns.   This is a small class of 3-5 people.  You'll have lots of individual attention.  What you dye in the morning will be rinsed and drying by the time you leave.    You'll have time to dye many more yarns in the afternoon that you can rinse and finish at home.   

1:00 pm13:00

Class: Dyeing Cotton Fabrics

If you've ever read the book 'Color by Accident' by Anne Johnston and wanted to try it out, this will be a great class for you.   Using a low immersion dye method in ziplock bags, we'll go through the entire process from prepping, to dyeing to rinsing and pressing.  This is a small class of 3-5 people.  Plenty of individual attention.  You'll have time to do several fat quarters, fat halfs, or scarves.   

10:00 am10:00

Class: Natural Dyeing

Early autumn is the perfect natural dye season.  This is a full day class that will take you through the entire process of prepping, mordanting, and dyeing with 3 or 4 different natural dyes with alum as the mordant. This is a small class of no more than 4 people.  Plenty of individual attention.  Bring your skeins already washed, tied with figure-eights in at least 6 places, and labelled with your name on a tag on every skein.  Any fabric should be prewashed and labelled with your name.  You get the best colors on wool, alpaca and superwash wool.  Likely dyes [final list to be decided later]:  goldenrod, walnut, woad or indigo, brazilwood or cochineal.   We'll do 2 pots in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.  Always a lot of fun.

1:00 pm13:00

Class: Dyeing Silks

Hand-dyed silk scarves are a sure winner for gifts and it's just about time to start thinking about them.   You'll have time to finish 5-8 scarves so make sure to bring enough for you to keep one, too!  You bring the scarves, I'll have all the dyes ready to go.   This is another small class of 3-5 people.   Lots of individual attention.   All of your scarves will be dyed, finished and ironed before you go.  For more information go HERE.